Tuesday, 13 November 2012

This Soundcloud adress has not been made official with personel names, as it has been used only as refering links to some contemporary swedish music.
Some of the works there has to be taken away from legal reasons, but some new will be putted up.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

morning music: dead capitalism

morning music: dead capitalism

dead capitalism

The sleepy investors are killing the society. Or, do you think that money, just putted in to so called long term investments automaticly serves the community where you live? No, no..the tired Captilalists, sleeping on large fortunes, they like fast growing. That's like a sickness. If they look at 100 millions € and like to invest 10%, they like it to be at least 20 million € in a period of 24 months. Many of those bastards like it to be 50 millions in the same period. So, you can just guess how tight to respect for commen rules according to the law book they keep up. I doubt that it really exists any long term thinking at all more in the daily financiel activities.
How can you restore an economy or get a nation or family or a firm out of a dead financiell situation?
Would you agree with me if I say; that the philosophy from rapid growing of a capital does not serve such a task? But, which philosophy is leading the political agenda in EU today? UK, one of the most importent members choosed to take theire hands of the commen currency. Other countries, allready in it, probably regret they did involve themselves in the project, when they do not keep up the standard designed from the elit partners of EU. But those, second class members, actually do have a lot of knowledge about the main problem! Because the main problem is the grasping ones! And the second class EU-members know from the corruption in theire own countries. But, we do have a solution model of a main probleme in EU that could make the impression of being classic; change one problem with establishing another.
It is begining to be a rather irritating lie, that 27 EU-country members really want a united Europe.
It could be that some represantives from countries where the questions could be more discused, arranged both nice looking figures, charming arguments and wise prosperity perspectives? But, as those nice looking prospect was introduced to the 'elite', wasn't it exactly what was expected?
There is financiel EU support to more Olivetree plantings in Greece then ever can be planted on it's area. That's not a big problem may be. On the other hand, I mean that it is exactly the problem!
The farmer has his prototype. In Greece it is the sailor, the Ship and Constructer and Captain of it.
One of the most importent 'sailing nations' in the world. Making billions of Euro. But the support to homeharbour, so to say, could be more sinificant!
What is astonishing is that the same politicans that worked for a community called EU, support a system that will ruin this Idea, if they do not wake up. It is absolutely not a question about financiel saving armys in the last five minutes that are needed right now. It is a brainstorm needed from high talented teachers, that can convince our top politicians about the absolut nesseceraty to change view from the dead capitalistic perspective, to the human beeings how suffer and have pain under the humilating system that will lead us all to a dead end.

Monday, 19 September 2011

damn politic, but very interesting stupidity

Whitin a few days there was political elections both in Denmark and Berlin. To me it was rather exiting, as I was giving the oppurtunity to participate in this event for the first time in Berlin. And I have 12 years behind me as employed musician in Denmark, where I never took part of the possibility to vote. In Denmark i did not feel very welcome to do that. It might just have been a feeling, but a feeling that almost every day got fuel from very distinguished messages about me; that I am not danish. The remarks about my dialect was expressed as missing knowledge of the danish language. This danish attitude do not inspire a guest from another country to participate in the society. There is also difficult to detect deeper ideological arguments under the surface of the daily political retoric in Denmark.
I have been rather astonished from time to time about the danish way to create political propaganda. There is a shameless way of expressing direct egoistical offers to the voters, as should the political responsibility for the gowernment be; only to deal with giving you the best offer for your taxmoney. Of course is the main task for the elected politicians to handle our common resources. But I am of that impression that the most inhabitants in Denmark detest a discussion about ideology. So that's the leading star also for the politicians.
Such an attitude is almost impossible to keep up in Berlin. Twenty years after the wall, with still remaining memories fysical, and for many decades to come, private and social resemblences, make ideological arguments belonging to the daily discussions between friends and also with persons that you do not know. For the nation Germany, is the reality of responsibility for theire part of second world war, one of the most clear facts in the nations mind.
If you do not have an explainable ideology in German, you will be considered as a person with identity failure. Those circumstances made the voting situation more exiting to me. I know Berlin since many years, and had no problem with deciding who to support, but I did feel it as importent to take part. That feeling never occured to me in Denmark.
Neverless, I feel some of the same annoyance in Berlin as in Denmark over stupid political propaganda. And sorry to say, that go's also for so a big party as the Christdemocrates. What do you think about the substance in this annoncement f.ex.:"damit sich was ändert"..='that something change'....
Both Berlin and Denmark got socialdemocrates in head of the gowernments, but from different reasons. In Denmark the liberal party "Venstre", choosed to rule the country together with the rightwinged extremists "Dansk folkparti" after the last election, so they got last week what they diserved; the red card. The architect of that stupid combination, Anders Fough Rasmussen, got rewarded with the chiefspost at Nato, after getting friend to the US-president Bush. So he does not have to pay for his sins to day.
I do not have the courage to comment the danish socialdemocrates.
But in Berlin you might say without anxiety that the socialdemocrates were reelected the third time because they deserved it.
I mean that the elected persons to our democratic institutions, among other dutys also have a pedagogical one. Anders Fough Rasmussen have deeply missused that part of his responsibility as elected politician in Denmark, when he he decided to rule the country together with opportunists. The "Dansk Folkparti" has shown a very agressiv attitude as supporting party to the "Venstre" in Denmark the last years, with very clear demands about influence on immigrant poilitic f.ex.
In Berlin is the liberal party disappered from influence on the politic. That is a tragical fact for the democracy here, as I see it. I would say that it has to do with lost of identity. That is also what happend to the danish liberal party, "Venstre".
From what reason do some elected persons choose to cover up about the deeper ideological questions? Does it pay off? Is our western culture on way out of track. Can we allow our selves and our elected to make us more and more stupid?